Group Therapy Sessions

(Scheduled Group Sessions)

Groups that meet together for specific healing

Check out the group sessions where you can work on a specific concern with a group atmosphere to support a specific need such as:

  • osteoporosis
  • preparing to attend a standard class
  • or to do some deep healing and restoration
  • Arthritis
  • Post rehab hip and knee replacement
  • Other

Stress Relief

(Private Therapy Sessions)

Personal Application of the Ancient Strategies

Sometimes we want to get into the heart of the issue or tissue by working one-on-one. Sessions can consist of discussion, practice of asana (poses), relaxation, meditation, and strategizing. Basically, it is therapy with yoga as our modality. The ancient teachings of yoga guide us in preparing a practice suited to your needs and comfort level. Not all sessions involve poses, but they can. These sessions can be done in person or by phone or Skype. 

Chakra Svadyaya

(Private Therapy Sessions)

Human Development via Personal Exploration

Chakras are energy centers that link to the body. They are acknowledged by every culture and represent a clear developmental path to healing and discovery of your path of calling. Svadyaya means "self study" or study of the scriptures." This type of therapy is decided not psychotherapy, but rather the yoga tradition made real, practical, and very personal. It is a personal exploration through the chakra system within you.