Sva Dharma: Independent Study Program

-to support a Yoga Teacher to find their own Style, Flavor, and Passion in the Practice

-based in the deep teachings of the Yoga and Ayurveda Tradition

-woven into a form so you have the grounding to know your path, can find your direction. and can feel totally devoted to the practice. 

-receive CEUs from Yoga Alliance

Traditions drawn from include: Integral Yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa, and New World Ayurveda

Find your focus, know your way.

Instructor: Dharmini Griggs

Texts: To be determined by the needs of the student, in agreement with the Instructor. 

This course is a private independent study to support the Yoga Teacher in gaining sufficient knowledge, experience and practice bringing their own gifts into the service of their students and the yoga community. Participants will be engaged in consistent practice, self review, and private sessions of support. 


The purpose of this process is for Teachers in Training to:

  1. hone teaching skills

  2. increase foundation of knowledge of the practice of yoga and own relationship to its history

  3. establish a personal unique practice that is well-grounded in yogic principles.

You will be able to know what you teach as you, to support the world around you. 

Teacher-in-Training course work will include 

  • self-study

  • svadyaya

  • dialogue with the instructor about their own experience

  • Applied chakra basics,

  • Development of personalized techniques and practices to work with their own internal knowing, and to guide their choice of practices for their students

  • A certificate in Sva Dharma Svadyaya

Students will come to understand ethics as well as general and detailed principles of the chakras according to yogic and Vedic tradition, as well as how it relates to their students in the United States in the 21st Century. 

The course automatically consists of 50 hours. 25 are contact hours. Should the Teacher-in-training choose to complete additional studies, these additional hours may be provided according to the needs of the student with agreement of the Instructor. 

Teachers-in-Training will come away from this process with no less than three processes for teaching of their own making which are directly related to their own gifts and skills. They will become aware of the specific aspects of the practice they are uniquely able to provide to their students. They will prepare multiple teaching experiences that highlight these skills and provide the method to convey their own knowing to their students in a highly effective method consistent with the deepest teachings of yoga that are dear to their hearts.

Sva Dharma is about knowing, educating, and expressing one’s unique heart and value for the good of the community. At our core, we all have the deep true nature, and how it is expressed in the world is unique and creative. This process is meant to provide a teacher with the knowledge, skill and confidence to bring their own unique aspect of the world to life in yoga sessions. 

For further information: Contact Dharmini Griggs, ERYT-500, C-IAYT, Ayurvedic Practitioner at  #906.251.0032 for more details and for a short interview. 

Private one-on-one teacher training with limited availability. $1500 for up to 55 hours.