Refunds and Returns

I adore my clients and appreciate the dedication and trust they offer to themselves and to our practice together each time they set foot in the studio.  Ours is a practice based on many time-honored traditions. Among these are trust and understanding. 

I do not issue refunds for classes, private sessions, or group sessions purchased. I can accept payment at the time service is provided. Payments presented early are contractual agreements some clients make with themselves to see themselves through in their dedication, or in order to receive discounted prices. 

Group Therapy Sessions

Group Therapy Sessions are sold as a package and cannot be transferred to private sessions. On the occasion that incumbent weather or special circumstances (such as hospitalization or emergencies) occur, there may be a make-up session offered. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis (usually only when 2 or more sessions are missed). 


Gifts Certificates and Other

Gift certificates and any other items are as sold non-refundable. All gift certificates have a date they must be redeemed by. Failure to redeem gift certificate before the end date is not cause for refund. 


Should you feel that you need a change or transferral of our agreement (verbal or written), please do not hesitate to contact Dharmini Robertson directly at 906-251-0032 by text or by phone. Please allow 3-5 days for a response.