Chakra Svadyaya: Self study process toward wholeness and self-assuredness


Chakra Svadyaya: Self study process toward wholeness and self-assuredness


     We use the mapping provided by ancient yogic understanding of the chakras combined with the development of your own intuitive skills and self-reflection to create a stable path of self understanding. Emerge a whole self, confident and on your own unique path in life. 

This signature offering takes a person through the entire process of self discovery, developing a sense of confidence, and moving into living the life discovered.

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Do you know some troubles you have, but been struggling with how to get the clear foundation of support and strength within you emotionally and spiritually?

This process provides the opportunity to discover what is needed in your personal situation and explore your own expressions that bring renewal of your sense meaning in life while deepening understanding and competency in your personal yoga. We use the ancient structure of yoga as a map to check in, see what you need, what your resources are, and then we move into amazing development! This is a dynamic process of incredible accelerated growth!

I ask a lot of questions, make sure you can see your map, and we embark on the journey together. I will be your personal sherpa as you move in your own path of healing and discovery.

What will I learn? - The concepts of the Chakras, what each is linked to in your daily life, and how to support that aspect of your life. We learn the developmental concepts, then quickly get into the practice of them on the yoga mat. Then we come away with ideas for how to put what we learned into practice in our daily lives. But more than that, you’ll learn about your own strengths and power. You’ll learn how to find your confidence and how to use your know-how for the amazing life you are interested in. You will learn what you are, how to nourish what you are, and how to become the most amazing version of you. This is sort of the whole package!

Will there be much yoga asana (poses) and will I get relaxation in the class? 

It is possible. The original practice of yoga used asana only to support the health of the body and the practice of meditation. This is more discussion, exploration. But asana may be included. Meditation and relaxation are a part of this practice. 

What if I decided I want to go deeper into a particular area? 

You have the option of working where your interests lead you. This is highly personal practice. You will be in control of your progress and process. There are many ways we can do this. 

Is there a class text book? Do I have to read a lot? 

No, there is not a required text, but you will learn about several resources. If you decide to go deeper, we always could choose to use relevant texts. There is not required reading for these sessions, but there are often handouts, and visuals provided in the sessions. 

What if I don't like a lot of esoteric stuff? Is this going to be woo-woo? 

Sometimes. I like to speak in story, metaphor, various cultural contexts, and generally be creative with my language and ideas. If this is uncomfortable for you - it is just how I am.

Am I friendly? Yes. Do I work with Christians - all the time.

I am so very definitely coming from a spiritual place - but if you need me to match you exactly, I am not your person. If you can hear that I am friendly and willing to help you translate to your own spiritual life - that is actually really fun for me. I have worked with people from many many religions. I love it. I am not teaching you to be anything but what you are.

What if I don't like the course? Can I get my money back? 

I don't offer money back. This journey is an agreement we make to take together. If after your first session you are not satisfied, you may choose to discontinue attending with no pressure. 

What if I decide I need more time with this journey? 

Many people take this series of private sessions. I offer special package rates and a sliding scale as needed to help people get into this practice deeply as needed. For some people taking this journey without a larger group seems to be very appropriate. Be sure to contact me to see what packages may be available for you. 

If you have further questions, please call Beth at #906.251.0032