Midlife/Retirement Shifting

Come in knowing something is about to change and finish confident, knowing what you do in the world. Learn yogic methods and process for engaging the world with who you really are right now. Get support with the stickiness, and the difficulty of the shift. This is intense and really worth it.

Midlife and Retirement (or pre-retirement) shifts are major, and some of my favorite processes to work with. Discover how to articulate the wisdom you have garnered. How to honor that and move into a new way of living is fostered in coordination with self-understanding and in-depth adult development. Yogic methods for moving into this process using methods that feel like they are yours now. Come into your new life feeling supported and confident that you are being authentic and offering something of worth.


Chakra Svadyaya

Find your method for building a strong foundation, a beautiful core knowledge of how you work and move in the world, and the expression of your artistic and/or spiritual gifts. Find healing of old wounds, and yogic practices to support you. Finish feeling strong and self assured.

In this process, we use the chakra system to discern what needs help and healing, and how to heal it. You discover what part you like to play in the world, and what processes help you to feel more like you are doing that. We make a cheat sheet. Go into feeling at home in your own skin, and knowing how to care for yourself going forward.


WomanCrafting (or manCrafting)

We all need to take a bit of time to figure out what practices support us in being ourselves, and staying on track. This process asks you to go into your own knowing and find what your special resources are, discern how you use them, and then together we create your method of crafting yourself again and again. Find your own sustainable internal energy source and how to use it for your movement in life. Finish knowing what makes you feel like yourself and how to keep it that way amidst the changes and experiences of life and family.