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Ayurvedic Wellness Check-in Time

Ayurvedic Wellness Check-in Time


This is the perfect time to schedule your fall check in.  Ayurveda is, thankfully, based on prevention rather than just chasing symptoms. I love this aspect of Ayurveda. 

Part of what I noticed as I began to practice Ayurveda was that this "people's medicine" was really making a big difference in how often I caught the colds going around. I was grateful to no longer felt like I would automatically catch everything. I realized there was something I could do, and that I could learn to do it for myself. 

I love sharing this with others. You don't need to know a whole lot to get started, but a personal check-in with a pulse assessment will save you lots of trial and error in learning what your body needs. And a skilled practitioner can help you to hone in on how you can know what the body is telling you. Your body is intelligent. Ayurveda helps you to understand what the body is saying it needs. 

Find out if the immune system is feeling strong enough for the changes in the season. Discover easy ways to check if the types of oils needed to support the skin are what you are using. Feel more comfortable about having enough energy to get through the holidays. All this can happen as a part of an Ayurvedic assessment. 

You can schedule easily by clicking on Reserve Your Spot.

Or you can call or text to #906-251-0032

I am also able to schedule distance assessments, particularly if you have been to me in person before. Just let me know that you are interested in a distance assessment. I do a visual assessment using Zoom conferencing software (which is free),  and I ask some particular questions to help you arrive at an understanding of what you need. 

Why I Offer Ayurveda

Why I Offer Ayurveda

When I first heard about Ayurveda, I wasn't really sure what to think. I had never heard of it. It sounded like any herbal medicine to me. I was somewhat familiar with Western herbalism, but I didn't really know much about that either. There were a couple of herbs I could name and knew the uses for. But that was about it. 

When I realized that I was dealing with a few little symptoms that doctors couldn't give me information on, I looked into Ayurveda further. My joints cracked, all the time, since I was little. Doctors weren't offering much besides medications for arthritis, but I wanted to prevent pain that was probably coming. 

Ayurveda says that cracking joints is a symptom of vata in the joints. The full description of what this was for me could be different than it is for another person. But for me, I was so pleased to find that there was a way to address this, before it became a problem. Following that process has changed areas of pain in other joints for me. 

I kept looking. 

I found I had skin problems that were difficult to address using over-the-counter medicines. I tried so many options, but I had skin that got cut easily, and I experienced a lot of pain. As I continued to look into ayurvedic practices, I found simple changes in my daily routine that could support my skin and prevent pain and cuts. I also, eventually discovered an herbal blend, which is ancient, which has completely changed my relationship to my skin. It is now not getting cut so easily. I also started building stronger nails, as a bonus gift of the process. Who knew? 

I offer Ayurveda because it has been so helpful to me. I cannot imagine how it would be to age with all of the problems I used to experience. I studied ayurveda so I could support people with a wide variety of ailments. I wanted others to be able to experience that we can soothe and heal without harshness toward the body. This health support is sometimes subtle, and very deep. Often, as we support one aspect of the body, multiple issues resolve.

I practice Ayurveda because it is so beautiful to see the results.