This is the season when people begin to look, and listen to what is around them, perhaps more than any other time of year. There are so many beautiful sights! We can see grand displays of gifts, sweets, and winter scenes all around us. Whether we are at home and online, or out in the stores, we are fed a feast of amazing and wonderful eye-candy. 

Let the Visuals be a Feast for the Sight

This is such a gift! Without spending a dime, we get the opportunity to see dreams made physical right in front of our eyes. And… we don’t have to buy, or eat. We are already partaking. And a feast for the eyes can support us, rather than breaking us.  

To enjoy all that is around us, and within us during this time is an amazing gift of grace and abundance. Enjoy! It is good to look at all we see, and then to feel that it is good. We have enough sadness and pain and suffering in life. Take in the goodness when you can, right? And let yourself feel the feelings of getting a chance to see that. Let the visions you see be a visual nourishment. 

Listen Within

Additionally, we can notice, and enjoy the good feelings and experiences inside the body. We can wake up and get ourselves on the mat. Or we can get moving in another way when we wake - like go for a walk or a swim. Then, throughout the day, when we see a display outside ourselves we can use this as a signal to check within, notice how we feel, and even ask what might make us feel even better. 

Would we like an extra walk or a 5 minute savasana (relaxation)? Do we feel we are stuffing ourselves or getting just what is right for now? Do we feel particularly good anywhere in the body? Do we feel like a part of the body needs extra care or support? There is enough. Enough time to move, and breathe, and listen within. Then to act in some small way to tend ourselves lovingly. 

Pick a Signal

To fall in love with our practice all over again at this time, listen within at regular intervals. Let a beautiful display remind us to check in, or pick specific times in the day. Set an alarm, and sometimes, when we feel like moving, we can get on the mat, and try an inspiring sequence of two or three poses. 


Pick Two or Three Poses, and Start to Love your Practice

Which three? - Make it up. 

You can get a book or a magazine or go online.
Pick poses you have learned from a teacher. 

What am I working with? 

1. Downward-facing dog

2. Bringing the knee forward to  swan pose

3. Then playing with the hips and the feeling in the back, move gently and listen within

4. Back to downward facing dog and up to pyramid

then back to downward facing dog and bringing the other leg forward. 

I play gently - and take my time, I want to feel what the poses remind me of, what my body responds to them with, and I may find myself in totally different postures by the end (lately, I have been working with peacock pose because it is so good for digestion support - handle yourself with care in this one). 

5. Then a savasana (relaxation) - before returning to the regular day. 

If some or all of these poses don't feel like the right ones for you, believe yourself. Pick what you know and love. Listen to your body. Do not risk injury by trying something that didn't feel like it was yours. Feel what is yours by going into safe and loving poses.  Know they will develop and change. 

Even on Vacation

Even on vacation I can work with a simple sequence like this, which encourages movement in the digestive system, and just feels fun.

Pick three poses to play with - then tomorrow you can pick again. 

Bring your mind, your focus, and remember what you love to feel. 

Rely on your inner knowing.

And fall in love with your own experience and the practice all over again.