For so many of us living in the cold North woods means that we get used to taking a moment at this time of year to note what we need. We clean out the yard, and put away things that can be damaged or in the way during the winter. We place wood where we can more easily get to it. We make sure the sauna has a lovely stock of all we love to have with us for that practice. We look for more light. 

This is the time of year when the light appears to be more scarce, when it is actually to come from us more than from the sun. This is the time when we note if we are feeling sensitive to the loss of external light. We see what we can do to turn on more lights in the mornings. We can check on neighbors and newcomers who aren't as used to the sensitivities that life here gives us to our own needs, and to those of others. 


How can you care for yourself? 1. If you know you tend to need more light, consider getting a happy light (I offer them here) if you don't have one and/or taking some Vitamin D. If you have a happy light, you can bring it out and use it for 20 minutes in the morning, or longer if you have been feeling depressed. 2. Let yourself have more moments with others who bring you joy, that internal light, or spend time journaling or creating an indoor garden (with lights). Think of little extras to bring you into the light and out of the feeling of darkness, even if you are not feeling bad yet. 3. Breathe. There is something special coming. You need time to dream up what that will be. 

As the holidays come closer, many people feel the extra sadnesses of family lost, pressure of family and schedule, or un-ease as they contemplate how to eat with others and care for themselves. Let yourself take a little time now to plan and to make choices that work for you.

Ayurveda says we are all so individual, we can often make subtle changes to have big impacts. I believe this is true. Making little changes and then seeing how that worked for you, rather than taking big dramatic steps can help to conserve energy. It also lets you feel that inner glow that arises in the beauty and quiet of being real with yourself. Knowing you need something is not an indicator of a problem. It is what helps us to move into new and creative territory. 

Let this time of year become a way to care for yourself and reach into your inner light. It shines so brightly among our community. <3