Group Therapy Sessions for a small group (3-5 people) scheduled just for you. Maintain your practice and progress within a small and nurturing environment. Special sessions are created to take you on a journey of self-discovery and relief. 


Yoga For Bones

A classic favorite for people with osteoporosis, or for those with joint pain. This provides a therapeutic method for increasing pressure into the bones and joints in a safe manner, with gradually increasing intensity. This journey into “more than just poses” offers clients a method for managing symptoms and increasing desire for the practice.

This is not a beginning class, though.

Some of the poses may be quite challenging for beginners to master. We take it step-by-step. You receive the skills and support to become consistent in practice, and to know how to care for your own bones and joints. (Not a chair class. However, inquire for appropriate options.

Core Emerging

Learn the techniques to begin to build your core, and to maintain it. For our purposes, the core refers to the physical inner core of the body, as well as the core of your own life. We allow the natural symmetry between the core of emotion, meaning, and physical structure to begin to echo and communicate. The results are felt within the body for greater health, and resonate out so we can offer who we are to the people around us.

This work is deep both physically and in meaning. Together we create a rhythm in our practice. We establish the difference between working on our core, and from within the core. We develop a sense of the difference between struggle and what is just normal effort. We get to that core emerging. 

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Integral Yoga

Our tradition offers a beautiful, gentle practice of yoga. This group therapy session offers personalized support as you learn the main poses of our tradition and how to apply them to suit your body's needs. 

Noticing the effects various poses have on the body as we practice is a central aspect to this tradition. For people who are interested in blending mindfulness and their practice of asana (the poses) this is a perfect way to maximize the effects and go deep, while still gentle. 

This mat class does have standing poses and poses on the floor. Additionally, we develop the breath to increase lung capacity and the strength of the breath, as well as using the breath to support a stable meditation practice. Beginners welcome.